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Facility Rental Agreement

Facility Use Agreement 

Hosting an event? Our building offers a wide range of unique spaces to fit your group's needs!

If you would like to use any of our facilities, please stop by the CUMC Office to pick up a Facility Use Agreement.

Building Usage Fees Per Day/Event

  • Kitchen Only $75.00
  • Sanctuary Only $150.00
  • Kitchen and Sanctuary $200.00
  • Education Building Only $75.00
  • Security Deposit $150.00

Scheduling Terms and Conditions

  • Events should be scheduled far enough ahead to protect high priority functions.
  • A responsible member of the requesting group shall notify the church office if there is a change in time or plans for use of the facility, or if the facilities will not be used as agreed upon. A minimum of four working days' notice is required and notice shall be given as far in advance as possible, so that other groups may be accommodated.

Facilities Terms and Conditions

  • The contact person signing this agreement is responsible for the behavior of each member of the group in attendance of the event. It is the contact person's responsibility to make all attendees aware of the guidelines and enforce their adherence where and when necessary.
  • Any group shall complete the Facility Use Agreement, which is to be signed by an officer or responsible individual of the requesting group and the CUMC Pastor or designated board member of the church. The agreement may be drafted and signed and additional information added to it later, provided that the agreement and all necessary supporting documents are complete before the event begins. 
  • The Facility Use Agreement shall include a copy of the scheduling, terms and conditions and building use rules sections of this policy. A copy of the signed agreement including the rules, terms and conditions shall be provided to the individual who signs the Use Agreement and a copy of the signed agreement shall be on file in the church office. 
  • Any group which uses the building on other than a one-time basis shall provide a liability insurance that covers theft, damage and liability coverage for that use.
  • Any group which includes the public shall obtain all appropriate permits at their own expense. A copy of all permits shall be given to the church office.
  • Users of the facility other than the membership shall reimburse the church for services they use. Service charges shall be agreed on in advance between the church staff and the responsible party. Service charges for ongoing uses may be renegotiated from time to time, as required by the using group's yearly calendar and the needs of the church.
  • A deposit is required from groups using the church facility before being included on the CUMC calendar. 
  • Moving of furniture, platforms, tables and chairs for an event must be returned to their original setting. Put everything back in its place. users shall return the facility to the condition in which they found it. This includes cleaning dishes and coffee pots, laundry towels and other linens if appropriate. 
  • DO NOT move the Piano or Drum Set. 
  • Any group using the kitchen MUST complete the "Request to use Cameron UMC Kitchen" form and return the form to the church office. A copy is provided on the kitchen counter at the time of your arrival. 
  • If a key is given to the requesting group and they key holder passes the key permanently to a new holder, the group shall notify the church of they new key holder and provide that individual's name, address and telephone number. 
  • Turn off all of the lights and be sure that the water in the restrooms and kitchen are not running before leaving the church property.
  • The restrooms shall be as clean as before the event begins. 

Building Rules

  • Alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs, any illegal activity, improper language or conduct of any kind, at any time, is strictly prohibited anywhere in the church building(s) or on church grounds and property. 
  • Cameron United Methodist Church does not assume any responsibility for any personal property damage, lost or stolen goods while on church property. Property owned by the group, such as, but not limited to, any type of vehicle, is also the sole responsibility of the group and not the responsibility of Cameron United Methodist Church.
  • Cameron United Methodist Church assumes no responsibility for any type of personal injury resulting from the use of any of the church facilities.
  • Use of any portion of the facility shall conform to city and county fire and safety regulations. 
  • Any damage to church property or equipment shall be immediately reported to the church office. The using group is responsible for paying for all breakage or damage fees and costs. 
  • The using group shall provide adequate adult supervision for any youth or children present. 
  • Throwing rice, confetti or similar material is prohibited on all premises.
  • No event may continue past 10:00pm without permission in advance.
  • No vehicles may be left in the church parking lot beyond the time of the end of the scheduled use of the facility.
  • Audio-Visual equipment and sound systems may not be used unless agreed on in advance. The audio-visual technician is billed separately. If there is not a technician available to run the system, the contact/responsible person will provide the equipment and technician by other means.
  • Users shall leave the handicap parking spaces available for properly designated vehicles.
  • Users shall respect the church's neighbors. Illegal or impolite parking, loud noises and related activities are strictly prohibited.